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Sleep is a major factor influencing your over-all health and the health of your skin. If you continually suffer from serious sleep deprivation, the results can be severe, including diabetes, obesity, and a weakened immune system. In addition, signs of premature aging of the skin such as the appearance of lines and wrinkles will be accelerated. You may get 'bags' or dark circles under your eyes. These are classic symptoms of inadequate sleep, stress, and the urgent need for you to get some help. The benefits of good quality sleep on your skin will be remarkable and noticeable. For example, sleep relaxes the facial muscles smoothing the wrinkles and lines on your face. Similarly, the lack of facial expressions during the night allows the dermal layers of your skin to rejuvenate. You may have noticed that after a good night's sleep, you actually look younger and your skin has less pronounced lines and wrinkles. Beauty Sleep is an all natural blend of the Chinese herbs Magnolia officinalis and Ziziphus spinosa formulated to support healthy sleep by balancing hormones related to stress and anxiety. The ingredients in Beauty Sleep have for centuries demonstrated effectiveness in relaxing tense muscles and in normalizing nighttime stress hormone levels associated with central-nervous system over-stimulation. Beauty sleep is non-addictive and may be taken nightly for an indefinite period of time. To achieve maximum effectiveness, Beauty Sleep should be taken for a minimum of 7 nights in a row for the best effect.

Active Ingredients

(A blend of patented extract of Magnolia officianalis and a proprietary extract of Ziziphus spinosa) 365 mg.


Take 1-2 capsules nightly. Each bottle contains a one month supply.

Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep
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