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Perfect C

Vitamin C is vital
to the production
of collagen

Glow Q10
protects heart health.

Damage Control
Broccoli seed

Collagenesis will
rewind the clock
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Beauty Sleep

officianalis and
Ziziphus spinosa

Pure Norwegian
Fish Oils

Fish oils with
Omega 3 and 6
Fatty Acids

Mellow Tones

Master Hormone
Slow Aging

Resveratrol Ultra
Activates the
'Fountain of Youth
Gene': SIRT1


Vitamin D3 (as

Alpha Lipoic Acid

By ®Genetiskin


®Genetiskin is not a multivitamin. It is a targeted regimen for the skin, designed to produce new collagen, preserve existing collagen, and protect the skin from free-radical attack.

®Genetiskin is a complete system of essential nutrients designed specifically to promote the continued youthful appearance of the skin. Developed by a molecular geneticist and cosmetic surgeon, ®Genetiskin is simply the purest, most potent skincare vitamin regimen in the world. Every component in the ®Genetiskin program is supported by numerous scientific studies confirming an unparalleled efficacy for skin support.

What Happens To The Skin
When We Age?

As children, we would wake up every morning with rosy, moisture-drenched skin that looked and felt smooth and flawless, no matter how the pillow scrunched our cheeks overnight! The simple reason? Our skin is comprised primarily of collagen and elastin, which, along with keratin, are collectively known as the "beauty proteins" Collagen, a skin-plumping, wrinkle-eliminating, moisture-attracting protein that makes up 80% of our skin, is abundant in youth.

What Is The
®Genetiskin Program?

Dr. Zdinak, New York's world famous Plastic Surgeon, has isolated the essential ingredients needed to boost collagen and elastin production and to preserve the overall skin health. The ®Genetiskin line comprises a range of nutraceutical supplements vital to the production of youthful, healthy collagen and elastin, as well as critical antioxidants that work synergistically to protect existing collagen and elastin from the ravages of environmental stresses. ®Genetiskin is rounded out by the inclusion of agents that have been shown to protect the skin from free radical attack against the DNA. "Produce-Preserve-Protect" is the mantra Dr. Zdinak has chosen for the vital ingredients in the ®Genetiskin program.

Who Is Dr. Zdinak?

Lisa A. Zdinak, M.D. is a trained molecular geneticist and cosmetic laser surgeon with a very successful practice on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Dr. Zdinak's path to medical school began with her belief that understanding the genetic code and its impact at the cellular level would hold the key to curing illness in the future. As a molecular geneticist, Dr. Zdinak was awarded the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Research Award for deciphering the cellular mechanism underlying the muscle atrophy seen in muscular dystrophy.
Dr. Lisa